The Route

The route involves three distinct river sections, each with their own challenges. We estimate the descent will take 4-5 months.

Whitewater headwaters

From the source at 4,500m the gradient of the river creates rapids that will be technically challenging. Time estimate: 24 days.

Whitewater Headwaters

The “Red Zone”

The Red Zone comes after the white water ends in a remote part of Peru where the Shining Path Maoist guerillas were once a powerful force. The area is now an infamous coca (the raw material used to produce cocaine) growing region. Time estimate: 14 days.

The "Red Zone"

The Amazonas

By the start of this section the river has already begun to swell and as it nears the ocean will be up to 30 miles wide and is sometimes given the name “The River Sea”. Time estimate: 80 days.

The Amazonas