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Expedition Complete!

On 22nd December 2013 team Kayak The Amazon finally reached the Atlantic Ocean. After starting in the Peruvian Andes on 28th July the expedition took 148 days. The Amazon never let up right to the end and we did spend several hours on the penultimate night holding on to tree branches in the dark as the tide rose relentlessly!

Team Kayak The Amazon on the beach just after reaching the Atlantic Ocean

Team Kayak The Amazon on the beach just after reaching the Atlantic Ocean

We’re currently in Belem and are off to Rio tomorrow. We’ll write a more substantial blog post once we’ve had some R&R.

Merry Christmas!


We’ve finally made it to Huancayo and some decent internet, so here’s a quick update of what we’ve been up to.

Locals helping us find the river...

Locals helping us find the river!

1st August After yet more boat dragging, we finally hit kayak floatable water at San Juan mine. We then paddled across Lago Junin and saw flocks of flamingos. After portaging around Upamayo dam we’re told they are releasing at 52 cumecs (m3/sec). So we’ve gone from a tiny creek to a rather sizable river in a day!

A somewhat chunky first rapid...

A somewhat chunky first rapid…

2nd August Started the day with a four hour flat water paddle and then came across the first rapid on the Mantaro, a rather chunky waterfall Don christened “Bienvenidos” as it was a rather abrupt welcome to the whitewater section of the Mantaro. This gorge section was filled with boily big water rapids.

Don was entertaining the idea of doing an Australian rappel down...

Don was entertaining the idea of doing an Australian rappel down…

3rd August Flat water and minor rapids lead to Mal Paso dam. Luckily a hole in the fence meant we did’t have to rappel down it’s gigantic spillway!

Sea kayaks have cleared customs, phew!

Sea kayaks have cleared customs, phew!

4rd August Wake up to the news that the sea kayaks are out of customs and are ready for collection! The awesome West Hansen has also offered to drive them from Lima to San Francisco ready for us to use on the flat water section. Paddled through the town of La Oroya

Obligatory cute picture of puppy in kayak

Obligatory cute picture of puppy in kayak

5th August Paddled through the city of Huancayo where the municipal dump seems to be on the edge of the river. We kept our mouths closed during this section…

We are currently on schedule and are hoping that Tablachaca – the forth and final dam on our way to the Atlantic – is releasing enough water to allow for a great few days of kayaking!

The sea kayaks are in Mexico!

MOL Precision


After missing a further two sailings we finally managed to get the sea kayaks on a container ship out of Los Angeles. This ship is now docked in Manzanillo, Mexico and our container has been offloaded awaiting MOL Precision to take it the final leg to Lima.

I’ve updated the Where are they now? page to track MOL Precision. Fingers crossed they’ll get to Lima safely and clear customs by the time we need them!

We missed the boat (literally!)



We didn’t manage to submit our paperwork for the shipment of the sea kayaks in time so we missed the cut-off date for Cap George. We’re now booked on to NYK Floresta who’ll be leaving 3rd July and arriving 18th July.

There’s still a chance that the sea kayaks will arrive and clear customs by the time we leave Lima to start the whitewater section but we’re cutting it fine!

I’m now remembering the words of West Hanson who did this expedition last year – he told me that one of the most stressful aspects of the expedition was getting the sea kayaks to Lima and through customs…

Introducing Perolita

Perolita Profile

Today the deposit was paid for our support boat the Perolita. The Perolita will be joining us from Pucallpa in Peru all the way to the sea. Pucallpa is located just after the “Red Zone” section of our route and marks the point where the scariest part of the river will be behind us.

Perolita Deck

Darcy spent a lot of time researching the perfect boat and we have found it. It has air conditioning, sleeps six and has a crew of four and as well as providing all meals we even get complimentary caipirinhas on the deck after a hard days kayaking!

Perolita Cabin

We’ll be paddling alongside Perolita for up to 100 days down the Amazon, mooring up every night to make sure this is a truly human-powered expedition.

Perolita Bathroom

We’ll have power with us as well as a satellite terminal (a BGAN Explorer 500 for all the geeks almong us) so we should be able to keep you posted on our progress as we go.

The sea kayaks are on the road!


The sea kayaks I bought from the lovely people at KayakPro have finally been picked up and are on their way to Houston before being loaded on a container ship called Cap George bound for the port of Callao in Lima, Peru. Sea kayaks are not the easiest things to ship – at a length of 5.5m they can’t go in a plane and if they go in a container they are likely to get crushed if they are not top loaded. But after what feels like a hundred emails to the shipping company they are at least on their way!

You can even track their progress on our Where are they now? page